Inlet Department Store and Old Forge Department Store: Your Do-It Yourself Hardware Stores

If you are someone who likes to tackle home projects by yourself then we are the store for you! We have all the hardware supplies that you would need to complete a variety of projects. Our staff is more than happy to help assist you with selecting the hardware supplies that you need. We take pride in ensuring that our customers leave the store with all the hardware supplies they need for their next project.

We have all of your hardware essentials including:

•Nuts / Bolts / Nails / Screws / Spikes / Stick Nails / Rivets / Brads
•Snaps / Hooks / Hinges / Braces / Staples / Staple Guns
•Shelves / Shelf Brackets
•Garage Door Openers / Garage Organizers
•Locksets / Padlocks
•Chain / Re-Bar / Threaded Rod
•Picture Hangers
•Pneumatic nails (Bostitch, Senco)
•Shop Vac
•Power Tools : Circular Saws / Sanders / Drills / Jig Saws / Grinders
•Hand Tools: Wrenches / Sockets / Pliers / Screwdrivers / Drill Bits
•Hole Saws / Tin Snips / Clamps / Chisels / Levels / Trowels / Torches
•Tool Boxes / Saw Blades / Joist Hangers / Dowels / Rope
•Duct Tape / Hardware Cloth / Saw Horses
•Protective Safety gear (glasses, respirators, gloves)
•Concrete Blocks / Patio Blocks
•Insulation - Wall & Pipe
•Hot Water Heaters / Pressure Tanks
•Concrete Mix / Mason Mix
•Tar Paper / House Wrap
•Molding / Drip Edge
•Light switch Kits
•Light Fixtures
•Tape Measures

Stop by one of our two convenient hardware store locations today to get all the materials that you need for your next project!